About us
Who we are, and why southdevon.com.au exists

Merilba South Devon Cattle produces Red, Black and Composite South Devon Cattle. We have produces southdevon.com.au so that people are able to peruse and if they want to purchase the cattle that we have available. 

We have produced this site to increase the awareness of South Devon Cattle in the cattle community. 

What does southdevon.com.au provide?

Purchases of cattle are available through the manager of Merilba Station Cattle Devision, Bruce Milne. There are three types of South Devon that are available, the Original: Red, the newer: Black as well as composite South Devons. 

  • Bulls 
  • Cows (dry and in calf)
  • yearlings
  • semen straws

Unique and better services

SouthDevon.com.au will provide a direct link to Merilba South Devon cattle where you can see the cattle along with the breed plan information relating to each animal for sale. This way you have the whole picture before you and your choice of cattle is made easier. Click on the cattle button on the left side, to see our animals!

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